A fine summit in Navarre, with a hermitage.

450m of ascent, 2 hours 45’


Start from the village of Aurtitz, on the road from Santesteban to Leitza. It is possible to extend the walk by starting from the village following red/white waymarks but you can drive 500m up to the Mendaur reservoir on a dirt road and the walk is described from there. Coming from Santesteban, turn right just after Aurtitz on the road marked ‘Mendaur’, this soon becomes concrete and later dirt. Park near the reservoir.



Mendaur reservoir 684m – Walk round the head of the reservoir past a concrete wall following the red/white waymarks which will guide you today. Stay right at a junction, pass some picnic tables and a stream and then climb NE through woods going towards the col to the left of Mendaur.

1hr Col Buztitz 916m, standing menhir (recently erected) zigzag E up the ridge at first before tracking right and approaching the summit from the SW through blocks of poudding and then up some steps.

1hr 30’ Mendaur 1136m, 0604128 4778874 The Hermitage of the Holy Trinity, built in 1693, was ordered to be demolished by a bishop as it was used by bandits in 1781, but was reprieved in the resultant court case.
Descend the same way in 1 hr 15’

2 hrs 45’ – Reservoir