Iparla ridge from Ispeguey

From the Col d’Ispeguey. A classic ridge walk. Well-organised parties can arrange to leave a car at Bidarray and walk the whole ridge.

1100m of ascent, 6 hours, 15’

 ACCESS: Drive to the Col d’Ispeguey from Saint-Étienne-de-Baïgorry in France or Arizcun in Spain.


Col d’Ispeguey, 672m, restaurant – Walk up the ridge NE next to conifers, following the red/white marks that will guide you all day. After a short climb the path levels off on the left side of the ridge.


45’ Col d’Aintziaga, cairn, 776m Cross to the SE side of the ridge.

 55’ Cross back over the NW side of the ridge, by beech trees. Pass a small stream and head N towards the col and summit of Butzanzelhay.

1hr 5’ Col de Butzanzelhay, 820m, signpost. The GR10 comes up from Baigorry to the right. Continue NW up the ridge ahead. The path climbs round the side of the ridge before approaching the summit from the West.

 1hr 30’ Butzanzelhay, cairn, 1029m 0631089 4783662 Continue NNE along the path next to the cliff edge.

 1hr 40’ Col de Astate, 957m, dolmen – Climb the rocky section of the ridge ahead with the help of cairns before continuing on the cliff edge path.

 1hr 50’ Astate, 1022m Continue along the ridge and then descend past blocks of poudding and into the beech woods at the Col de Harrieta.

 2hrs, 10’ Col de Harrieta, 808m, water source in woods 400m S of col, signposted from the GR. Continue N up the ridge.

 2hrs, 45’ Toutoulia, 983m 0631463 4786016, marked by feeble cairn. Continue NNW as the ridge becomes rockier.

 3hrs, 15’ Iparla, 1040m, concrete pillar.

Retrace your steps to return in 3 hours to Ispeguey.